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The membership of the Society shall consist of Hon. Members, Institutional Members, Life Members, Company Members, Members, Student Members and Affiliates:



The Executive Council of the Society may from time to time decide to invite distinguished persons of Indian Origin to become Honorary member of the society. Such persons must have either significantly contributed to the growth of the society OR distinguished themselves in the field of Applied Mechanics by doing outstanding service to education, research and development in the allied areas of applied mechanics and must have contributed in substantial measures to the Society.


Individual Members paying a predetermined sum as may be decided by the Executive Council would be made Life Members of the Society. They would be entitled to all privileges of the Society and would not be called upon to pay any further subscription. The Life Membership will terminate on the demise of the member concerned or on his/her resignation.


A Company or Corporate/Institute engaged in Applied Mechanics or related areas shall be eligible for election as a Company Member. Each subscribing Company member has to pay such amount as Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription as per the decision of the Executive Council duly ratified in a General Meeting. The right of the Company Member or Corporate/Institutional member shall be exercised by the Partner or Proprietor or Director or Chief Executive Officer of the Company/Institute.


A technical Institute engaged in teaching any subject in Applied Mechanics and allied subjects or any Institute engaged in Research & Development activity shall be eligible to become an “Institutional Member”. Institutional Member shall pay subscription and entrance fees as determined by the Executive Council from time to time. The right of the Institutional member shall be exercised by the Partner or Proprietor or Director or Chief Executive Officer of the institute.


A person who completed 25 years of age at the time of application and has held/ holding a position or responsibility in technical or executive or teaching capacity in applied mechanics or related industry and possesses such academic qualifications as considered sufficient by the Executive Council shall be eligible to become a member. A member will pay an annual membership fee (as decided by the Executive Council), to enjoy the privileges of membership of the society.


Any student in any engineering/science subjects in a recognized school, college or Institute interested in Applied Mechanics and allied fields shall be eligible to become a Student Member. He/she can remain a Student Member for the duration of his/her course subject to a maximum of 5 years but on completion of his/her course, he/she shall automatically become a Member and would be called upon to pay such transfer fees and subscription as may pertain to the new class of membership.


Any person who may not be directly connected with the Applied Mechanics but has an interest in the field or allied field shall be eligible to become an Affiliate Member of the Society subject to the Executive Council being satisfied of their interest in Applied Mechanics and of their standing.


All classes of members with the exception of Honorary Member, Student Members and Affiliates shall have Voting rights in the Chapter and Executive Council Election provided the Annual Subscription of the Member is not in arrears.

In case of representative of Company and Institutional Members, Annual Subscription means the Annual Membership Subscription of the Company of the Institutions as the case may be.

The weight age of Voting right for each category of member is as follows:- Life Members 1 Vote Individual/Institutional Members 1 Vote Student Member 0 Vote

The members shall be entitled to use after their names symbols representing the class of membership such F.I.S.A.M., M.I.S.A.M., etc.


  • Company Members, Institutional Members, Members, Student Members, Affiliates and Life Members shall pay annual subscription, admission fee or lump sum fee as may be determined by the Executive Council from time to time subject to ratification of the same at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of the Society. At the time of adoption of these Bye-laws, the Executive Council shall determine the entrance fee, subscription fee, etc. payable for different classes of membership and these would become effective from a date to be determined by Executive Council and approved by the General Body.
  • Thereafter, the Executive Council may at its discretion revise the subscription, admission fees, etc. by deliberations at one of the Executive Council Meetings for which due notice has been given and a quorum present. The recommendations of the Executive Council in this regard would have to be approved by the next General Meeting. The voting for this purpose would be by show of hands and subject to a simple majority of the members present and voting.
  • The financial year of the Society would be from 1st April to 31st March of the following year. 5 Subscription shall be payable annually in advance and shall become due on 1st of January every year. These subscriptions shall be payable to the Secretary or the Treasurer of the Society. In case a member is admitted during the middle of the year, he/she will have to pay the subscription for the relevant year.
  • Any member who has not paid his/her subscription by 31st of March following the date on which it becomes due, shall lose all rights and privileges of the Society until such time that he/she has cleared his/her arrears. The Secretary or the Treasurer shall send the defaulting member a reminder calling for payment of the subscription due. If the amount is not received within 15 days of dispatch of this letter, the member is liable to have his/her name removed from the membership of the Society.
  • Any member removed from membership on account of default in subscription shall have the right to appeal to the Executive Council within three months of such removal. If the Executive Council considers his/her case favorably, then he/she would be readmitted after payment of all arrears due to the Society. In this case, a second entrance fee would not be required. Any application for reconsideration in this regard accompanies by a demand draft for the arrears, if not received within 3 months of cessation of membership would have to be treated as a new application and the member would be called upon to pay an entrance fee also.
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